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Let's Speak Italian!

Hi everybody, my name's Mike and this is the Let's Speak Italian podcast. So you've listened to a few sample lessons, and hopefully you're learning how to speak Italian.

Well with the first 100 lessons completed, I wanted to release the first few lessons for free as a little teaser so that you can see just how easy it is to learn to speak Italian. Now, by going to the website, you can buy the first 100 lessons for only $15.00. That includes 100 lessons, plus 20 review lessons as well, for a total of 120 lessons in all. That's 24 weeks of lessons, for only $15.00.  It's over 13 hours of Italian lessons, for the price of what you might pay for one music CD.

I've found that the key to learning to speak Italian is to learn a little bit every day, and to practice it with your friends. So get lessons 1-100, and listen to one lesson, every day for 24 weeks. By the end, you'll be amazed at how easy it was, and just how much you can learn by practicing a few minutes every day.

To download the first 100 lessons, just go to the web site at and click on the banner ad, or click on this link: Download Lessons 1-100.  For only $15.00 you'll be speaking Italian before you know it.  Once you've paid through PayPal or Venmo it may take us up to 12 hours to process your order, please be patient.

Grazie tanto, arrivederci.


Sep 29, 2020

Nouns ending in 'o' are generally masculine:

amico = friend (male)

libro = book

Nouns ending in 'a' are generally feminine:

amica = friend (female)

casa = house

Nouns ending in 'e' can be both and simply must be memorized:

ristorante (m) = restaurant

pane (m) = bread

classe (f) = class

notte (f) = night

Words ending...

Sep 28, 2020

ance = anza

importance = importanza

ence = enza

intelligence = intelligenza

ant = ante

important = importante

ent = ente

student = studente

ible = bile

possible = possibile

ist = ista

dentist = dentista

ly = mente

generally = generalmente

sion = sione

mission = missione

tion = zione

station = stazione

ty = ta'

society =...

Sep 25, 2020

c'e'...? = is there...?

c'e'... = there is...

un aeroplano = an airplane

un autobus = a bus

una macchina = a car

una bicicletta = a bicycle

una motocicletta = a motorcycle

un treno = a train

vicino = near

lontano = far

a sinistra = to the left

a destra = to the right

diritto = straight ahead

poi = then

tra =...

Sep 24, 2020

Dov'e'... = Where is ...?

una piazza = a town square

un ristorante = a restaurant

una scuola = a school

uno stadio = a stadium

una stazione = a station

un supermercato = a supermarket

un ufficio postale = a post office

un'universita' = a university

una via = an avenue

uno zoo = a zoo

Sep 23, 2020

Dov'e'...? = Where is ...?

un aeroporto = an airport

un albergo = a hotel

una banca = a bank

un bar = a bar

un caffe' = a coffee shop

una chiesa = a church

un cinema = a movie theater

una farmacia = a pharmacy

un museo = a museum

un negozio = a shop or store

un ospedale = a hospital