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Let's Speak Italian!

Hi everybody, my name's Mike and this is the Let's Speak Italian podcast. I've found that the key to learning to speak Italian is to learn a little bit every day, and to practice it with your friends. So listen to one lesson, every day for 24 weeks. By the end, you'll be amazed at how easy it was, and just how much you can learn by practicing a few minutes every day.

Grazie tanto, arrivederci.


Jan 17, 2007

To change a verb from its infinitive form to its past participle form:

For 'are' verbs, replace the 'are' with 'ato'

For 'ere' verbs, replace the 'ere' with 'uto'

For 'ire' verbs, replace the 'ire' with 'ito'

andare = to go, andato = went

preparare = to prepare, preparato = prepared

lavare = to wash, lavato = washed

parlare = to speak, parlato = spoke

mangiare = to eat, mangiato = ate

volere = to want, voluto = wanted

credere = to believe, creduto = believed

vendere = to sell, venduto = sold

avere = to have, avuto = had

ricevere = to receive, ricevuto = received

dormire = to sleep, dormito = slept

sentire = to hear or feel, sentito = heard or felt

finire = to finish, finito = finished

partire = to leave, partito = left

capire = to understand, capito = understood