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Let's Speak Italian!

Hi everybody, my name's Mike and this is the Let's Speak Italian podcast. I've found that the key to learning to speak Italian is to learn a little bit every day, and to practice it with your friends. So listen to one lesson, every day for 24 weeks. By the end, you'll be amazed at how easy it was, and just how much you can learn by practicing a few minutes every day.

Grazie tanto, arrivederci.


Jan 24, 2007

Marco e' arrivato in ritardo oggi. = Mark arrived late today.

Quando sono arrivati I ragazzi? = When did the boys arrive?

Queste donne sono nate in Germania. = These women were born in Germany.

I fratelli non sono morti stamattina. = The brothers did not die this morning.

Laura e' uscita con Aldo. = Laura went out with Aldo.

I bambini sono stati male. = The children have been bad.

Noi siamo andati per l'italia. = We have gone to Italy.

Sono tornato ieri sera. = I returned last night.

Queste lezioni sono state difficili. = These lessons have been difficult.

Sono entratra il bagno dopo Giacomo. = I entered the bathroom after James.